Wood or Steel? What Overhead Door Is Better?

When browsing through the garage door market you will see offers in plenty of different materials. However, the customer in Canada prefers steel and wood designs or their hybrid alternatives when opting for new or replacement garage doors. What is the difference between wood and steel residential garage doors? Here are a few facts to consider when choosing a new home overhead door.

Wood Residential Garage Doors

The wood garage door remains the everlasting classic and the choice for many. General availability, affordability and natural beauty of wooden surfaces attract the attention of many customers. Garage door manufacturers also feature easy custom designs from wood and tooling.

However, it’s less durable, if compared with different metals or composite materials from which residential overhead doors are made nowadays.

Besides, this natural material requires thorough maintenance and regular care after installation, like painting and finishing. Your wood garage door can contract or expand depending on humidity and weather conditions. Garage door manufacturers warn that such items can crack and warp with time.

Thus, if you are ready to invest much time and effort in residential garage doors, an affordable door from wood could be for you.

If you value natural looks of wood but you need low maintenance options, it’s better to consider residential overhead doors from composite materials. Due to the wood grain, they can look similar to wooden surfaces but are much more durable and water-resistant than wood. Contact a trustable local overhead door manufacturer to get an estimation and discuss all of your options.

Steel Overhead Door

Your overhead door manufacturer can tell you that customers prefer metal-made garage doors for a couple of reasons. Such items are high-tech, strong, durable and require less maintenance than wooden garage doors, for example. These products can even imitate wooden looks to combine all the best from the 2 most popular offers in the market.

Pros of the steel door are evident. It is resistant to humidity, heat or cold if compared with wood garage doors. Fortunately, overhead garage doors made of steel do not rust, because the surface is, as a rule, covered with a special coating, which keeps the door dry and protects from rusting.

This is the most durable garage door option, that is able to perform well in many upcoming years. Mass-manufactured standard modifications or custom designed overhead garage doors can suit every taste and wallet. Thus, the steel door for your garage can be the best investment in the long-term perspective.

Another great advantage of the steel overhead door can be better insulation. It is especially true for houses with attached garages or when a garage can be utilized as a workshop, for example. The well-insulated steel garage door will facilitate comfortable temperature inside your home in summer and in winter. This can significantly decrease your all-year-round energy bills, particularly if you have quality and well-maintained modern windows, new or replaced.

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