Which Ottawa Windows Styles Would Be Best For My Home?

You've already decided that new windows are in your future. Now the question is what window style would work best for your home. There are many options for new windows Ottawa that are worth considering. Here are some suggestions that will help.

Single or Double Hung Windows

Two of the most popular options for Ottawa windows are single and double hung windows. From a distance, these two styles look the same; both of them sport lower and upper sashes. The difference is that you can only open the lower sash of a single hung window while the double allows you to open both. A professional from a reputable windows company can help you compare both options and determine which approach to new windows Ottawa will work best.

Awning Windows

This stylish option is a favorite offered by many window companies Ottawa. The sash is attached along the top of the window frame allowing the bottom to swing outward. You can go with a crank or a small motorized opener that allows you to control the windows using a remote. The right windows company will offer both choices. If you have doors that are starting to show their age, it’s possible to get a combination of windows and doors Ottawa with the same decorative elements.

Sliding Windows

Raising and lowering sashes is not for everyone. You may like the ease offered by sliding Ottawa windows. Moving side to side rather than up or down, they’re great options for anyone who finds it hard to operate other window styles. The Ottawa windows company can install these in any type of window opening with ease. Remember that these windows Ottawa can be configured with a tilt feature that makes it easy to clean the inside and the outside of the glass without having to climb a ladder.

Casement Windows

This classic design looks great and is easy to operate. They can be installed by the windows company to swing inward or outward. The style works well with many different home designs, and they are as easy to use as they are beautiful. Consider going with a combination of new windows and doors Ottawa if you really want to give the home’s exterior a lift. Professionals at local windows companies Ottawa can help you match up the right styles.

Roll Out Windows

This option usually may include several smaller sashes that roll out or a fixed window in the middle flanked with narrow windows that you can roll out with ease. Both designs are practical, secure, and make it easy to control how much fresh air you let into the house. These Ottawa windows can easily replace other styles with little modification to the home necessary. An expert with the local windows company will help you explore the merits of the design and help you determine if this is the right choice for windows Ottawa.

Why wait any longer? Call a windows company Ottawa and have a contractor visit the home. Go over all the possible options for windows and doors and see which ones you like the best. Once the selections are made, experts from one of the windows companies Ottawa will be on site to remove those aging windows and replace them with the windows of your choice.

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