What Kind of Drinking Water Is Better

The quality of drinking water has a straight impact on our health. Adults need to drink not less than 2 litres of pure water every day. However, many people nowadays concern about the purity of their drinking water. Our bodies are 76% water, so it is extremely important to choose the best drinking water possible. So, which kind of water is better: tap, bottled or maybe filtered?

According to the recent survey, Canadians have bought more than 2.4 billion litres of bottled water during the last year. Nevertheless, scientist claim that quality of bottled water is not that perfect as we think. The safety of bottled water is on brand`s conscience, any grocery store doesn’t control the quality of water they sell to customers. Also, you need to consider that plastic bottles don’t make water healthier for us, without even saying that they are not eco-friendly. What is more, many manufacturers use tap water as their main source, but they put it through additional treatment.

Then is it better to drink original tap water? Tap water is regulated by Health Canada and comes through a wide variety of regulations. In Toronto, water samples are tested instantly to search for the most dangerous chemicals and bacteria. Information about tap water quality is available for consumers on municipal city or province websites. However, sometimes we just trap in those statistics` figures, but life remains the same. We still concern about drinking original tap water, because it tastes and smells awful.

So, why do we need to overpay for bottled water if it`s taken from the same tap water source? Can we control the quality of filtration provided by bottled water brands? There is a one solution to both problems – water filters. Installing a water filter will help you make your tap water safe and clean, so you don’t need to concern about whether it is healthy or not.

Let us have a look at some advantages of using a water filter:

Controlled Filtration

Install the water filtration system and you will get easy to use stand-alone tap with filtrated water, so you never run out of it. In addition, you can always control the condition of your filter cartridges and change them when necessary, and your water will always stay safe.

Water For Any Purpose

Water filter systems work fast and cause no inconvenience for your household. You can use filtrated water for drinking, cooking or even washing dishes. It is important to note, that you will never run out of water for any purpose, it is always available for you and your family members. There is no need to carry heavy bottles from the grocery store or hesitating about the quality of plastic bottles anymore.

Plenty of Choices

There is a wide variety of water filters on the market and you can choose a perfect-fitting model. Specialists will help you to install the water filter system Toronto, so you can enjoy safe, clean and healthy drinking water in your house.

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