How to select the proper rodents repellent

It does nor really matter if you live in personal house in small city or in apartment in Arizona, because anyway you will deal with rodents and other unwanted guests.

Here you will find out how to deal with them.

The Internet presents a huge amount of ultrasonic rodents repellents. It is difficult for uninitiated person to decide on this purchase. Sometimes the users have to choose at random or they listen to the advice of those who have already used a similar device. Many people choose the device for the price and technical parameters and do not read or do not pay attention to reviews. Expensive means of high quality, cheap – poor. Such cliches often arise in the minds of potential buyers.

So, lets talk about the features that you should know when selecting the proper rodents repellent.

1. Evaluate the area that is to be protected from pests. Ultrasonic sound is something like the normal one. They have a common nature and of course there is a limit of ultrasound. It is known that sound (so as ultrasound) is reflected from the solid surfaces and poorly penetrates solid space too. But there is a positive thing: during the reflection, ultrasound applies to the whole area and has impact on rodents.
2. Rate your room in terms of load of the things. The effect of ultrasound decreases in contact with a soft surface (carpet, upholstered furniture, curtains). Soft subjects are absorbing ultrasound, therefore it is necessary to minimize the number of objects in the room. Place the repellent as high as possible to capture the entire room.
3. Install the repellent in those places where there is food. Rodents are looking for warmth and food, as well as other animals. Therefore it is necessary to stop their attempts to have a snack and if they cannot find their own food, then sooner or later leave. Find a place where rodents are having food and put back ultrasonic repellent. This can be a kitchen, storage room with food, cellar with vegetables. Destroying their feeder place you will force rodents go out from your premises.

Here we have discussed the type and load of the room and place, where to install rodents repellents. To know more specific situations, here is the post for you!

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