Questions to Ask a Moving Company over the Phone

When you are looking for a moving company it is very important to get essential information about it even before you invite their representative for an in-house estimate. Below you can find a list of things to ask a mover when calling them for the first time.

1. Registration Number. This is a must, every reliable moving company must have a registration number and a license.

2. Rates and Estimates. Get the numbers in order to compare them with the other movers and choose the best one.

3. Subcontractors. Essential! Try to avoid working with movers hiring subcontractors to do their job.

4. Additional Fees. Don’t get caught and know about the possible extra fees from the very beginning.

5. Insurance. Always ask about the insurance. It should cover not only your belongings while they are moved but also workers’ health so that in case of any injuries you will not be in charge for them.

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