Interesting facts about rodents repellents

Here we are going to answer some specific questions about rodents repellents installation.

• What effect will be from the one appliance if there are several rooms in the apartment? Firstly, ultrasound penetrates through the thin walls, so if in your apartment there is the drywall, the powerful ultrasonic rodents repellent can spread the waves in the other rooms too. Secondly, you need to keep the doors open at the time of operation. Thirdly it is a fact that on the other floors ultrasound does not apply. Therefore you need to install the device on each floor.
• If you are dealing with rodents, who live under the floor, you need to send transmitter device on the floor or on the wall.
• Can ultrasonic rodents repellent effect people? Ultrasonic waves are in that range, where repellents are used, does not affect humans. The other animals ultrasound does not affect too and it is proven by numerous studies.

If you want to know more about hoe to select the proper ultrasonic rodents repellent, here is a post for you!

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