Fire Safety in Your House With a Kidde Smoke Detector

If you decided to buy a new house, you shout take care of its fire safety. Nowadays, fire alarm in a house is a necessary security measure. Unlike an apartment, a private house or cottage is more exposed to the risk of fire, especially in case of wooden houses. Fortunately, there is a huge selection of modern alarm systems including a Kidde smoke detector that is quite affordable and can be installed easily.

A fire alarm system is a collection of devices whose purpose is to detect fire, smoke, carbon monoxide, various combustion products, and also to notify people through visual and audio signals. These alarms can be activated by an automatic Kidde smoke detector or heat detectors, or activated with manual activation devices.

Detectors are appliances that serve to identify the main signs of a fire. Detectors differ in types of sensors that react to different signs of ignition. Each has its pros and cons. Thermal detectors record the change in temperature in the room. They are used less often than others. They have only one disadvantage. It is the low rate of fire detection.

A Kidde smoke detector reacts to smoke and combustion products. It is the most common type of detectors. Its advantages are a low price and a high speed of reaction.

Gas detectors measure the level of carbon monoxide in the air that occurs when burning or even smoldering, which makes them the fastest. Their advantages are high sensitivity as well as the ability to work in dusty and humid rooms.

The flame detectors respond to excess levels of the infrared or ultraviolet radiation. Their pros are the highest speed of detection of the flame, a long range of operation and a wide field of view, which allows them to be used in large areas. However, they are quite expensive.

Combined types of devices unite several types of detectors. This fact allows you to take advantage of different types of detectors, eliminating their shortcomings. The receiving and monitoring device, which receives information from the sensors, analyzes it and displays the results on the control panel.

An alarm system that signals a fire alarm with a light or sound signal.

Uninterruptable power source. For uninterrupted operation, two power supplies are required: mains and battery. Backup batteries are usually built into the control panel.

Fire alarm for a private house should be installed by specialists having a license to install fire safety equipment. After installation, it is necessary to carry out commissioning and synchronization of all devices. The order of work is determined by the type and characteristics of the receiving and monitoring device. There are no restrictions on the use and operation of the fire alarms in a wooden house. However, it is necessary to regularly check the operation of the alarm system for timely detection and troubleshooting. At least once a month, you should check the batteries and the operability of the detectors. A Kidde smoke detector is not an exception.

It is also recommended that the system be inspected by a competent specialist in a timely manner.

The installation of smoke detectors and alarms in a house is an important factor for ensuring the safety of its residents, as well as the safety of the property. Modern equipment including a Kidde smoke detector can detect fire almost immediately and prevent its spreading. A wide selection of sensors, receiving and monitoring devices and warning systems allows you to create an optimal alarm system for a dacha or a private house.

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