Arizona market of commercial real estate services

Currently, the commercial real estate market in Arizona, as well as in most American cities, is going through difficult times because of the second wave of the world financial crises. However, the deals on the commercial real estate market in Arizona are carried out pretty actively. One of the distinctive features of the commercial real estate in Arizona is that really attractive and expensive objects have never been in great demand here, but usual commercial real estate without any challenges is more popular and affordable here and consequently, the demand on it is higher. What does Arizona commercial real estate market offer buyers and tenants today? Nowadays street retail outlets and catering establishments are the most interesting offers for the buyers. Recently, it may be noted the increased demand for warehousing space. Still the office space with a small area of 20 to 50 square meters is in demand. Office real estate and business centers of classes A and B, both in the city center and on the outskirts and in sleeping areas are also very popular with potential buyers.

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